Parents attend ‘Coffee with the Principal’ event at North Woolmarket Elementary Middle School

North Woolmarket Elementary Middle School’s principal sat down with parents this morning over a cup of coffee.

‘Coffee with the Principal’ allows parents to discuss future events and curriculum for the upcoming school year.

This morning, parents voiced their concerns when it comes to state testing, among other topics.

Principal Roman Holmes explained how important those tests are and did his best to make sure all other concerns were resolved.

During the discussion, parents were given cookies or cocoa.

At the end of the event, parents were able to continue speaking with Principal Holmes one on one. Principal Holmes said, “A lot of times at open house when you give a speech behind a podium, it seems a little stiff and formal. We want something that’s a little more informal and that parents feel comfortable with asking questions. Parent support, guardian support, grandparent support is essential for the school.”

Today was North Woolmarket Elementary Middle School’s second Coffee with the Principal. For more information on upcoming events, check out the school’s Facebook page.

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