Parents ask for more schooling options in Harrison County School District

Some parents in the Harrison County School District are raising concerns about the lack of a virtual learning option as kids prepare to return to school.

Some parents in the Harrison County School District are now asking for a virtual learning option for their kids. “We’re not ready for our kids to go back into that environment.”

According to the district’s reopening plan and after conducting a survey, students will return to school on August 6th using a modified traditional manner with mandatory mask wearing on buses and in school, along with sanitizing stations and temperature checks as key regulations.

Over 2,000 people have signed a petition asking the school district to provide a virtual option during the fall semester with another option for the spring semester, depending on the how the virus cases look.

Alan Smith is the parent who created the petition and says parents and children need multiple schooling options. “I felt that the option should have been present for those who wanted to do that, and that’s in an nutshell why I started it, it should have been an option.”

Other parents like Sheena Herron worry about kids keeping masks on during an entire school day. “I don’t think a lot of the younger kids are going to be able to keep their mask on, and sanitizing and washing hands is a good thing, but those masks I’m kind of leery on.”

With a wide range of concerns, Smith hopes other parents in the area continue to voice those concerns to officials. “Ultimately the takeaway is, you know, to be safe, safety first and hopefully we can relay that message to the school district and other school districts and have that as an option.”

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