Panhandling in the Park

The school year is right around the corner and a handful of Ocean Springs residents wanted to make sure that students and teachers are prepared to head back into the classroom.
Teachers often spend thousands of dollars or more per school year on supplies and snacks for their students. After seeing a viral video of an Oklahoma teacher begging for supplies on the side of the road, Joshua McQueen took matters into his own hands to help out.
McQueen organized a school supply drive on Saturday, collecting hundreds of necessary items for local schools. “I saw the viral video of the lady that was like ‘will teach for school supplies’ and I’m like that’s sad that we really have to do that. I have another friend who is a teacher over in Gulfport who said that she just spent 12 hundred bucks making her own tables and chairs so just that she would have a place to be a little more open for the kids. That is sad for the teachers who already make so little, having to spend their own money just to make it interesting enough to want to learn. So, how about we do a little bit for them.”
The drive collected pencils, paper, and necessary items for the school year.

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