Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

A local 10-year-old aimed to ‘Paint the Town Purple’ to spread awareness about pancreatic cancer.
Pancreatic cancer is often difficult to diagnose because there are no specific, cost-effective screening tests that can easily find the cancer in people who have no symptoms.
Lexie Drace does not suffer from pancreatic cancer, but has lost several loved ones to the disease including her uncle and her mom’s best friend.
She organized an event outside of the Things I Like More boutique in Gulfport today as a way to raise awareness and money toward a cause for the disease. “My friend’s holding a bracelet so if they buy a bracelet it’s going to go straight to pancreatic cancer. She’s holding a jar full of money that’s going to pancreatic cancer,” said Lexie.
Lee Drace, Lexie’s mom, said, “It just makes me very proud that she got it together and decided to call her friend’s up and make tutus and spread some awareness.”
Lexie is also encouraging residents across the Gulf Coast to switch one light bulb in their house to a purple light bulb as a visual display of pancreatic cancer awareness.

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