Painting for Paris

As adults, we all understand the tragedy of last week’s terror attacks in Paris but kids may not understand why it happened. As News 25’s Katarina Luketich shows us, one art teacher at Popp’s Ferry Elementary is using what happened to teach love and solidarity.
The attacks that claimed the lives of so many last Friday shocked the world. While we have all come together to offer support for France, some of our youngest community members may not grasp why. Popp’s Ferry Elementary art teacher Brandi Hoxie decided to show students through art by having them paint a symbol of peace on top of the Eiffel Tower. “After the recent events, I figured the kids needed to do a unit on peace and love and unity,” said Hoxie.
Now their renditions of the Eiffel Tower line the halls, some with symbols and others with the word “peace” written in either English or French. While many might not fully understand what happened in Paris, the purpose of this project was to focus on peace and solidarity. Fifth grader Ireland Seevers said, “I don’t really understand why Paris was bombed. There was no really good reason for it to be bombed. There’s no really good reason to fight over anything.”
Their art is proving powerful. One military parent was so touched by the mural of peace, it brought her to tears. “Their art moved somebody so much that they cried,” said Hoxie, “That was just unbelievable.”
This just goes to show that, without going into the details of the attacks, this teacher was able to teach these students a valuable lesson they can take with them through life.

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