Owner offering reward for information after his dog was shot and killed in Escatawpa

A dog was shot and killed in an Escatawpa neighborhood and now the owner is offering a reward.

The owner says he was at work when he received a call from animal control saying they had the body of his dog Paisley, which had been shot and run over.

Paisley’s owner, Brent Stuart, tells News 25 his neighborhood is very open and dogs are often roaming around the neighborhood off leash.

He says his neighbors are well aware of Paisley going about her day, wandering the neighborhood and has never caused trouble.

Animal control told Stuart that Paisley’s body was found only a couple hundred yards away from his house.

Stuart still does not know who killed his dog, nor did animal control tell him who brought Paisley’s body in. “It don’t matter if the dog is a pure bred or if it’s just you know just a random dog. Figure out who’s it is and say ‘hey your dog’s here you know. You might not want it on – we don’t want it on our property. Can you come handle this?’ and go about it that way. Don’t shoot somebody’s dog, you know?”

Stuart is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who knows the person who shot Paisley or has hard evidence of the killing. If you have any information contact Stuart through his Facebook at facebook.com/brent.stuart.52.

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