Overnight Explosion at Pascagoula Gas Plant

Pascagoula residents were in fear after a huge explosion lit up the sky at the Enterprise Natural Gas Plant just before midnight. Two plant workers are lucky to be alive after witnessing the explosion right in front of their eyes and walking away without a scratch.
Flames ignited the sky in Jackson County just before midnight after an explosion rocked the area. Scary moments were caught on camera by a late night driver.
The explosion was experienced firsthand by two crew members working at the natural gas plant when the tower erupted. First responders tell News 25 it was a miracle those employees walked away without a scratch. Fort Lakes Franklin Creek Assistant Fire Chief Brandon Saksa said, “The plant actually has an explosion proof control room that they were working inside of at the time. I haven’t talked to them. I’d imagine they’re pretty rattled but totally uninjured. We had no injuries at the time.”
Frank Duke with Acadian Ambulance Service said, “The explosion, from what I understand, was felt as far away as Vancleave. I know that the residents here close felt it, of course, more intensely than the people from far away. I felt my house in D’Iberville and looked toward the east and could see the glow from D’Iberville.”
John DeVito and his family live about a mile from the plant. They didn’t take any chances, rushing out of their home and evacuating the area after the explosions jolted them from their sleep. “Heard the first explosion and it wasn’t that loud, but when I turned onto Orchard Road the second explosion happened and a really big fireball came into the sky. I rode by the plant and you could see it was on fire. I came home, woke my mom up and you can see the trees in my video, you could see flames still growing and then another explosion happened. We just left.”
While residents left the area, emergency workers used a continual blast of water to rain down on the explosion site, waiting for the flammable natural gas to die out.

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