Organizations hold ‘Creating your Own Path’ Autism Conference

The Mississippi Autism Training Initiative along with Mississippi Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities hosted a ‘Creating your Own Path’ Autism Conference to help those with autism during difficult transitions in life.

The objective of this conference is to provide parents, advocates, professionals, and people with autism the opportunity to learn about resources and evidence-based best practices regarding planning and executing successful transitions.

The conference will also consist of breakout sessions on sensory differences, autism in the classroom, behavior, accommodations in the workplace, and social skills. Keynote speaker Raun K. Kaufman said, “This conference in particular is wonderful and to really get to, not only get one idea, but to get a diverse grouping of ideas so that we can get a diverse and true picture of what’s really going on for our loved ones. So, that we can help them. Everyone is trying to help these kids from the outside, but if we really want to help, we have to also come in from the inside and from their lived experience.”

The conference is a way to network with speakers, providers, professionals, and family members.

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