Operation Relief Continues in Diamondhead

Last Friday, Operation Relief rolled out of the Coast with supplies for Louisiana flood victims. Tomorrow, they’re doing it again.
As a part of Operation Relief, Brandon’s ATV Service continues to collect supplies at Rouses in Diamondhead.
Thanks to a donation from Neco’s, they’ll be taking 200 pounds of chicken to cook this weekend along with other needed supplies.
Crew members who were in Louisiana tell News 25 they served nearly 800 people hot meals, but what stands out most was their experience with a child in need of clothes. Operation Relief member Bobby Beach said, “The mom gets half way across the yard and hollers back at her son that you have to put on the same clothes that you had on, that’s all you have. I happened to think about the clothes the wife had put in the truck. We got them out and they were his size. He runs in the house, put the clothes on and came back out with the tags on them. His momma tried to get the tags and he wouldn’t let her touch the tags. The little fella was so happy. He was just walking down the street looking at his clothes. That is the best feeling in the world. It makes it all worth it.”

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