Opening of I-10 110 Exchange

Construction on the I-10 110 Interchange is ahead of schedule. Now, MDOT is ready for the next step. On Monday, April 13th, MDOT plans to re-open exit 4A I-110 south to I-10 east to the public.
On that same day, they will close the other loop on the other side of I-110, south of I-10. The remaining construction will help prevent traffic congestion and increase safety for motorists entering and exiting the interstate.
Although the interchange construction had been a headache for some, MDOT has already received positive feedback from motorists.
Mike Harter, who is a MDOT project manager said, “I think that project has already helped traffic flow a little easier and we’ve already gotten a lot of positive feedback from the traveling public. We’ve been opening up ramps and access points periodically during the process of construction. And I think they recognize that this is going to be beneficial for everybody”.

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