One year anniversary of sports gambling ruling

It was a little over a year ago when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of sports gambling to be decided at the state level. That ruling would pave the way for Coast casinos to open their sports books.

Sportsbook Manager Brad Carpenter said, “Even some of the minor sports, like today we have the PGA Championship on. People are coming asking about ‘how do I bet it’ and maybe someone that never even watches golf are now interested in watching that or Nascar.”

A new found love of golf and Nascar? Chalk that up to the legalization of sports gambling here in Mississippi. A little over a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to make sports gambling illegal on the federal level, causing casinos like the Scarlet Pearl to get the ball rolling. “We put a team together and we teamed up with Draft Kings. We opened up in November and since then it’s been great.”

According to the Mississippi Gaming Commission, revenue in casinos is up four percent in the last year which seems to be a direct result of sports gambling.

The reception received for sports gambling has been so overwhelming for the Scarlet Pearl that they’ve decided to test run self-service machines which will allow betters to take their time and make selections themselves. “The Coast is already a nice destination and not that you need another reason to come down, but now, I’ve had people tell me during the basketball tournament that said they’ve been going to Vegas every year, but this year they came here and they had a great time.”

Online and mobile wagering is on the mind of many sports books on the Coast, hoping to make wagering easier for their customers. “Just more options and more opportunity and more convenience, less lines, that would be the ultimate goal.”

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