One Man Takes a Stand against Violence in Gulfport

At least one man in Gulfport is trying to bring hope to the community in the wake of the nation’s recent unrest.
This morning, David Johnson stood at the intersection of Highway 49 and Dedeaux Road holding a sign that read “pro-humanity.” Johnson tells News 25 that after a week with so many tragic events, he wants to share a positive message in hopes of inspiring “a better week.” He says he feels like things have been spiraling out of control nationally and locally.
Johnson says it is well worth it to spend his day off trying to make it known that the violence must stop. “Anything that can separate us, skin color, religion, any type of preference, before that we’re human first. We’re all flesh and I feel like we’ve gotten away from that. We’ve gotten away from love. We’re getting consumed with hate. We’re getting away from it and I’m just trying to be the spark that gets that wheel turning back that direction.”
Johnson launched his one-man protest at 6:30 this morning.
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