One Flag for All Mississippians Coast Rally

If you’re a supporter of changing the state flag, opportunities for your voice to be heard are just around the corner.
In collaboration with the One Flag for All Mississippians Coalition in Jackson, coast supporters will be holding a public rally calling on state legislators to remove the Confederate emblem from the state flag. There have been rallies in Jackson but not one here on the Coast until now.
A date has yet to be set. Coast resident Lea Campbell says it’s important for the movement to spread beyond the state capital. “We need to have a lot of public support. It is essential that if you are in favor of removal of the Confederate emblem from the flag that you participate and that you write your legislatures, call your legislatures, attend rallies, attend city council meetings and make your opinion heard.”
News 25 will keep you posted as to when the rally will be held. In the meantime, if you wish to learn more about the One Flag for All Mississippians Coalition, you can visit their website at

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