One Coast specialty tags now available

If you’re proud to be from the Mississippi Gulf Coast show that pride on your car tag. Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast has unveiled their specialty One Coast license plate.
The tag costs $31 with a $1.25 fee if you pay by credit card. Tag registration dates will remain the same as your current tag. You are only paying for the specialty tag and not an annual renewal.
Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast Executive Director Renee Areng tells News 25, this is a great way to get residents involved in promoting our beautiful home. “This was part of the original concept of creating the regional tourism organization was to have private contribution that also had a voice on what was being done on the Coast. So, this is one of the ways to fund that private fund is to engage our leadership and our residents in being part of tourism.”
So far about 50 tags have been purchased. In order for the One Coast tag to be officially produced 300 must sold by May 15.
You can register yourself for the specialty tag at .

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