One Coast Awards

Local business and community leaders across the Coast were honored at today’s One Coast Awards.
This ceremony, hosted by the Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce, recognizes those whose hard work and dedication brings something extra to the Gulf Coast. Some of the 73 nominees included officials from school districts, health systems, and others who sacrifice their spare time to improve the community in South Mississippi.
Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce CEO Kimberly Nastasi said, “These are people that are giving so much of their time, they don’t have free time anymore because they’re using it for volunteer work and that’s really important to recognize because if we didn’t have people that were that selfless and that committed to growing the Gulf Coast and making it a better place for quality of life, we wouldn’t be the region that we are.”
The two categories in the One Coast Awards include Community Leaders and Top 10 under 40 and there were ten winners each.

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