One Book, One Pass

What if everyone in Pass Christian read the same book and then joined in to discuss it? That’s the idea behind the Pass Christian Library’s program One Book, One Pass.
In the midst of racial tension within the United States, tonight a series of discussions began on the book “The Fire this Time: a New Generation Speaks about Race.” USM Senior and host Jamion Burney, along with a panel, discussed ethnic identity and academic success.
Burney says his goal is to present his research on how understanding ones ethnic identity relates to how successful they are or can become. “My goal tonight is to just create a space and a landscape where we can talk about the things that we are not so well informed on. We can talk about our preconceived notions about ethnic identity and academic success in other cultures and I think sometimes it’s important that we place ourselves in situations where we have those difficult conversations.”
If you couldn’t make it tonight there will be more events leading up to the main discussion of “The Fire this Time: a New Generation Speaks about Race.”
To join in on the discussions or to rent a copy of the book you can call the Pass Christian Library at 228-452-4596.

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