Ole Miss ready for anything against Arkansas

If there was ever a year for Ole Miss to end its now seven-game losing steak to Alabama, it was this one. Instead, the Rebels’ 14-game home winning streak has come and gone.

On the back of that 30-24 loss, today Sports Talk Mississippi reporting that Head Coach Lane Kiffin has received a new contract offer from Ole Miss that would make him one of the ten highest paid coaches in all of college football, which likely has everything to do with the job opening at Auburn.

Meanwhile, the Rebels now facing the same Arkansas team that just gave LSU fits on Saturday and the same one that Ole Miss beat 52-51 last year. Coach Kiffin said, “It’s a reminder to me that every game is independent of a different game. The year below had been low scoring. We really struggled against that defense and would not have predicted a high-scoring game, 100 points between the two, so every game is different. Every week is different, and that’s just a really good reminder. Just like you can go into a game and look at LSU and Arkansas. Most people would’ve said, okay, well, it’s probably going to be lopsided based on what had happened the week before, Liberty versus Alabama outcomes, so it just shows you every week is different and every game is different.”

Ole Miss and Arkansas kick things off from Fayetteville at 6:30 p.m. Saturday on the SEC Network.

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