Ole Miss, Houston Nutt reach agreement

Apologies can go a long way in life, especially when that apology can save the Ole Miss football program a lot of grief going forward. Today school officials finally met in the middle with former Head Coach Houston Nutt.
In a joint statement released by the two parties, it says they’ve reached an agreement to avoid further litigation. On Thursday, Nutt re-filed his lawsuit against his former employer that claimed the likes of Athletic Director Ross Bjork and former head man Hugh Freeze created a false public narrative to shift the blame of the NCAA investigation from Freeze to Nutt, but now Ole Miss administration is trying to set the record straight.
The university’s team of lawyers came up with this statement saying “certain statements made by university employees in January 2016 appear to have contributed to misleading media reports about Coach Nutt. To the extent any such statements harmed Coach Nutt’s reputation, the university apologizes as this was not the intent.”
The response by Nutt’s camp was: “I am pleased to put the lawsuit behind me. Best wishes to the future of the Ole Miss football program.”
Further details of the exact agreement were not disclosed in the press release.

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