Ole Miss alum Thomas Dillard starting season with the Biloxi Shuckers

Ole Miss alum Thomas Dillard says there is a strong possibility at least one family member comes to every single home game at MGM Park for his 2022 season with the Biloxi Shuckers.

Perks of playing Minor League Baseball in your home state, now ready for his second taste of Double-A action, starting tomorrow on Opening Day.

A career .286 hitter during his three years with the Rebels, Dillard hit .256 with two homers in 27 games with the Shuckers last season.

If yesterday’s line-up card for the exhibition game is any indication, Dillard will be the clean-up man for the Shuckers this year, which means plenty of ribbies for the Oxford native with two of the top three prospects in the Milwaukee Brewers organization Garrett Mitchell and Joey Wiemer hitting right in front of him. “Working with the guys that are hitting in front of me because I’ll be hitting in the middle of the lineup somewhere, but I had a few RBI opportunities this year really early on with guys like Korry Howell and Garrett Mitchell and Joey Wiemer and guys like that in front of me, so I was just kind of licking my chops seeing all of them in front of me because they’re always going to be on and they’re really fast. I might hit it the hardest. Wiemer swings the hardest. You’ll see. He hits his back on his swing and you hear the wind and all. But it’ll be close. I think me and Wiemer’s exit velocity will be close, but he swings way harder than me. It’s like the eighth wonder of the world watching him swing. It’s crazy.”

The Shuckers lead off the 2022 season tomorrow at 6:35 p.m. in Pensacola.

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