Officer Involved Shooting Training

There’s been a recent rise in officer involved shootings, just yesterday in Jackson County a man found himself in the hospital after pointing a gun at officers.
Today, Attorney General Jim Hood, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, RTCA and Leaps teamed up with MGCCC and Gautier Police Department to offer a free course to law enforcement should they find themselves in an on duty shooting.
For Major John Tolar with his 40 years of experience in law enforcement, he knows all too well that a split second decision for officers could mean the difference between life and death, for both him and those around him. “We never know what we’re going to run up on when we respond to a domestic violence call or any type of call. We want to be prepared and know what to do, what we can do, what we have to do to protect not only our rights, but the rights of the general public.”
That’s why he attended a free training session on officer involved shootings in Gautier.
Tim Rutledge with Regional Counterdrug Training Academy said, “We want to educate officers when to shoot, when not to shoot and what might happen after a shooting, including all the legal ramifications.”
In addition to legal elements, the eight hour training also covered the important role video plays in protecting officers in questionable situations. “We absolutely advocate body worn cameras for law enforcement officers. After all the attention, we want to address it and calm the fears of these officers out here,” said Rutledge.
Yesterday, an officer involved shooting happened in Jackson County after a St. Martin man pulled a gun on deputies, so these types of shootings are not foreign in Mississippi but Tim Rutledge says out of 200 officer involved shootings in Mississippi, only two were found to be improper.
In Corinth, Mississippi Officer Kevin Parker Jr. is lucky to be alive after being shot twice Tuesday night by a suspect during a struggle while on duty.
District Attorney Tony Lawrence said, “I think officers who serve and protect us are doing a great job and they try to do the best that they can do in the circumstances they find themselves in.”
Regional classes were conducted all across the state of Mississippi, giving officers the larger picture and the knowledge to react to situations that can easily trigger gunfire.

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