Oceans Healthcare hires former Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania

Former Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania may have retired from the force, however, he’s staying active in the Gulf Coast community and continuing to strive to make it better.

Papania has joined Oceans Healthcare as the behavioral health system’s law enforcement and community outreach liaison.

In this newly created position, Papania travels all over the region helping communities better identify, understand, and provide treatment to those struggling with mental health illnesses.

During his time as police chief, Papania used his platform to advocate for prioritizing mental health resources in the Gulfport community.

Now, Papania is using a different platform to continue his advocacy for mental health awareness. “My heart is still in the Mississippi Gulf Coast and my heart is still at the Gulfport Police Department. As I’m seeing the best practices and great models in other cities, I’m picking up the phone and I’m making those calls because I want to see our community continue to prosper and seeing the best practices somewhere else you always want to bring it home.”

Papania also says that he’s fortunate to have the opportunity with Oceans Healthcare to stay close to the things that are important to him and law enforcement.

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