Ocean Springs to Soon Begin Gov’t St. Sidewalk Project

An Ocean Springs sidewalk project that has been in the works for many years is finally about to start construction. The city has raised more than $1.2 million to build sidewalks on Government Street from Greyhound Stadium all the way to the middle school.

For more than two years, Ocean Springs officials have wanted to make Government Street safer for school children who might want to walk or ride their bike to school. Finally, the city has secured funding and has hired Jet Construction to complete the $1.2 million project. Connie Moran, Mayor of Ocean Springs, says, "We’re excited about the project. It was 80% funded by a grant by M.D.O.T., the Department of Transportation, and the local match was provided by the county supervisors in the form of cash, in lieu of paving a couple years ago that was pledged."

The county will contribute $250,000 to make this project a reality. The sidewalks will start at Hanley Road near Greyhound Stadium and run all the way up Government Street to Ocean Springs Middle School on Hanshaw Road. John McKay, Jackson County Supervisor of District 5, says, "There’s some places that already have sidewalks. We may improve those or tear them out and put a wider sidewalk in there, but we’re doing this for the safety of the kids going to school at Magnolia Park and allowing people access to stay safe out on the roadways."

The project includes crosswalks at Beachview Drive and a pedestrian bridge over Davis Bayou, similar to the one over Heron Bayou. Across from Beverly Drive, a high intensity crosswalk will be installed that will be able to stop traffic on Government Street to allow students to cross safely. Moran closes, "So now we’re at the point to start construction soon. It will be a mess while we’re underway, but it will be a great result."

Mayor Moran hopes the construction will start within the next 30 days and be complete by the end of 2015.

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