Ocean Springs teacher passes away

The Ocean Springs community is mourning the tragic loss of well-known Ocean Springs teacher Courtney Hubbard. She passed away yesterday after a fight with breast cancer. She was close to the hearts of the children she taught and the teachers she worked with at Pecan Park Elementary School.
Pink ribbon is tied around the sign for Pecan Park Elementary School. The hallways inside are feeling a little empty for those missing Ocean Springs teacher Courtney Hubbard. Kindergarten teacher Summer Dunn said, “It’s really hard to walk down the hallway at this school and look at something that she did and her not being here and realize that she’s gone.”
Known for leaving a sparkle wherever she went, 40-year-old Courtney Hubbard was notorious for adding glitter and fun to the school day at Pecan Park where she started grade school as a student and spent the last years of her life as a second, fourth grade, and kindergarten teacher. “We just connected instantly because her personality and how bubbly she was and fun and I didn’t have any idea she had cancer or was diagnosed with cancer,” said Dunn.
Courtney passed away Tuesday after a battle with breast cancer. She was loved by her family, her students, and her co-workers. “Glitter and sparkles is what you think of when you think about Courtney Hubbard.”
“One time she brought all the costume jewelry from her house up to school so all the little girls could dress up like princesses.”
Courtney was well-known for her compassion, positive outlook and fun personality at Pecan Park. “I have so many memories that are so special to us,” said Dunn.
She doesn’t leave the school without a sparkle. Pecan Park Speech Therapist Kelly Geiser said, “She wants us to be here for these children, spreading her hope and faith and love however we may do it.”
There will be a visitation for Courtney Hubbard Thursday from 5:30 until 7 p.m. immediately followed by a celebration of life. Both services will be held inside the Ocean Springs High School Gym.

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