Ocean Springs School District employees receive COVID-19 vaccination

Today 250 members of the Ocean Springs School District had appointments for their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Bright and early before school starts, 250 Ocean Springs teachers, administrators, bus drivers, staff, and other school district workers had their sleeves rolled up, ready to receive the first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Director of Student Services Grant Dickinson said, “Twenty-five percent of our district was vaccinated today. We have another 25 percent that’s already been vaccinated. So as a district we think we’re doing great to have 50 percent coming out on the first dose we made available.”

Singing River Health System Director of Primary Care Jason Ely organized the vaccine distribution event to be quick and convenient for teachers. “This morning the goal was to get them before school starts, to get them in and out in a timely manner, to make sure it doesn’t mess up their day and so it has been very efficient.”

The ability to walk right up without waiting in line gained an A plus grade from the teachers. Computer teacher Jason Quaregna said, “It made it easier for us to come in and not miss work for a long period of time and not have to sit in line over in Jackson County.”

Teachers have encouraged each other to get the vaccine.

Ocean Springs teachers say it is a relief seeing their co-workers and other school staff getting vaccinated, saying this is the first step to getting schools back to normal. World History teacher Olivia Dalken said, “It’s exciting just to see my faculty and co-workers and everyone here getting the shot as well because I know we’re kind of on the same path trying to help prevent the spread.”

Teachers are hopeful the vaccine will eventually bring back full-size classrooms and teaching without a mask. “Get everybody vaccinated. We’re going to be safe. We will be normal. We can open these doors next year, take these masks off, and start a new year.”

Teachers and staff will come back to Greyhound Stadium in three weeks for their second dose of the vaccine.

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