Ocean Springs mayor wants beach closed

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson requested that the beaches in Ocean Springs close to Jackson County.

The City of Ocean Springs does not have the ability to close the beach, only the county does. At this time, the county is keeping the beaches open, but they are putting restrictions in place.

Parking in some of the busiest parts of Front Beach has been closed off for the time being in hopes of keeping crowds away. Mayor Dobson said, “I’ve requested that they close the beach. I have made that very clear to them. They have a difference of opinion so we will just do what we can to limit the groups and such, but they know my opinion. There are differences of opinion and I am the type to work with everyone if that is the consensus but it is my opinion that the beach needs to be closed.”

For now you can visit the beaches, but you must stick to groups of ten or under and practice social distancing.

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