Ocean Springs Hosts 36th Annual Peter Anderson Festival

Saturday was the first day of November, but it also kicked off a long time Coast tradition: the Peter Anderson Festival.

Saturday marks the beginning of the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs. It also marks the beginning of a local artist’s life in the spotlight, as Wayne Rosetti will reveal his paintings to the public for the first time in his 50 year career. Rosetti says, "My art to me has been my whole life. I think of art just about every day, or paint every day, or draw every day. I think the festival symbolizes what’s best on the Coast."

The festival has been bringing artists and the public together for 36 years, and this year will be better than ever. In addition to Rosetti’s display, there will be more art and pottery demonstrations than ever, vendors selling handmade crafts, a new kid’s corner, and more. Cynthia Dobbs Sutton, Event Coordinator & Public Relations for the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce, says, "We actually have a second music stage this year that will be on the grounds of the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center. We’ll have a culinary seafood pavilion because chefs are artists as well.”

Art is in the eye of the beholder, and many chefs consider each dish they create to be a master piece, none more so than a southern BBQ master who will be cooking on site. Brad Orrison, founder of The Shed, says, "We’re actually cooking in front of everyone, so that’s what makes street food the best. You get to walk up and see people making it, and that’s why food could be considered art."

Inspiration can often be found in the strangest places, whether it’s at the art festival this weekend, or in a film about Van Gogh, starring Kirk Douglas. Rosetti also says, "After I saw that movie, it inspired me to take up painting, so I went to town and bought me a 50 cent book and some supplies and just started painting."

Almost everyone is ready for the festival, but some local businesses are starting to feel the pressure. Brandin Brosh, co-owner of Charisma in downtown Ocean Springs, closes, "This is our first year to be open. We’ve only been open for two months. It’s going to be the biggest event we’ve done thus far, and I think it is going to be great, especially being new business owners."

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