Ocean Springs Homeless Council shares ideas to address homelessness

Ocean Springs city officials met with the Ocean Springs Homeless Council to discuss recommendations aimed to address homelessness in the area.

The council was founded in October of 2021 and soon after began its research on the best ways to address homelessness.

After a six-month period, the group has come up with several short term and long-term suggestions aimed at addressing the issue.

Some of the recommendations made to city officials include hiring a homeless outreach coordinator, setting homeless education programs, creating a human resource center, and more.

City officials will then decide which ideas are best to utilize. Ocean Springs Homeless Council Chairman Joe Cloyd said, “The answers aren’t easy. Sometimes they’re obvious, but they’re not easy and I’m just proud to be part of a community like Ocean Springs that’s trying to do something positive to impact homelessness in our area.”

If you would like to see the whole overview of recommendations discussed at the meeting visit the city’s website.

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