Bullets, note found on Ocean Springs High campus

Ocean Springs High School went into ‘shelter in place’ mode about 9 a.m. this morning after unspent bullets and a note were found on campus.

School district spokesman Trey Brennan said a shelter in place means they keep the hallways clear and keep the students in class, but teachers can continue teaching.

“We want to limit who’s in the buildings,” he said.

Students found a small plastic bag with the unspent ammunition and a note in a bathroom. They notified a teacher, who in turn notified administration.

“It was a threatening note,” Brennan said. “It was not a direct threat, but it was enough to enact the shelter in place.”

The shelter in place was lifted about noon, but the school went to a modified schedule. Students were served a “sack lunch” and took their meals back to class to eat and school officials limited hallway traffic.

Campus police are investigating and Jackson County Sheriff’s Office also will be part of the investigation, since the school is within their jurisdiction.

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