Ocean Springs High School Principal Dr. Vickie Tiblier retires

Dr. Vickie Tiblier is hanging it up and retiring after almost eight years as the principal of Ocean Springs High School.

Dr. Vickie Tiblier sits at her desk, finalizing graduation plans for the class of 2021, the final class she will be principal of at Ocean Springs High School. “Being principal of Ocean Springs High School was one of the greatest honors that I ever had. It’s my home school. I graduated from Ocean Springs High School. It was a true honor to be able to come back and lead the school.”

Dr. Tiblier says that no day ever seemed like work to her and that one of her greatest accomplishments while being principal was leading Ocean Springs High School to number one in the state of Mississippi. “It was quite an accomplishment, but it really wasn’t because of me. It was really because of the teachers and the effort and the students and the effort and it was a collective reward for everyone I would say because we worked hard for that.”

With 33 years in education, Dr. Tiblier has worked in numerous areas of education which included being a counselor, a teacher, and an assistant principal. “I have just kind of touched a little bit of everything.”

Dr. Tiblier says she always had a passion for education and the impact it has. “I loved school and the school atmosphere and the students and being able to impact their lives and just getting to know them. I think teaching and anything in education just keeps you young.”

Now that she has time off, Dr. Tiblier plans to enjoy her family, catch up with her friends, and travel.

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