Ocean Springs Deals w/ Second Murder-Suicide in Less Than a Month

Friday morning, police responded to a call about a possible dead body in a home on Harbor Drive in Ocean Springs. When they arrived, they found more than they bargained for and are now investigating their second murder-suicide in less than a month.

The peaceful, waterfront community of Harbor Drive in Ocean Springs seems like the perfect place to live, a great place to retire or raise a family. Ben Prisk, a local artist and Harbor Drive resident, says, "I’ve kind of called it Shangri La, you get here you get lost, it’s very pleasant, just a great place to live.”

That perfect picture was shattered Friday after police descended on a quiet house at the end of the street and wrapped it in yellow tape. Officers were responding to a call about a female dead inside the house with a gunshot wound to the head. When they arrived, they found much more. Captain William Jackson of the Ocean Springs Police Department says, "Officers cleared the house to make sure there were no perpetrators or intruders inside the house, and that’s when they found the male victim in a separate bedroom, deceased with a gunshot wound to the back of the head."

Neighbors tell News 25 that 58 year old, Eric Jewess, and his 59 year old wife, Mondo, mostly kept to themselves, but seemed pleasant. Many found the news hard to believe. Prisk also says, "I guess I find it as much a shock as I do anything else in the world. I’m not surprised when things like this happen, but I was very sad to hear it happened right across the street."

The evidence has led police to believe this incident was a murder-suicide, making it the second such crime in the area in less than a month, something police and residents say is unusual for peaceful Ocean Springs. Jackson also says, "We don’t normally have anything of this nature back to back like this. We may have something like this once every two or three years."

Coastal Living Magazine has named Ocean Springs as one of the top ten happiest seaside towns in America this year, a reputation residents hope rare incidents like Friday’s don’t tarnish. Prisk closes, "This stuff happens all over the world, but people will unfortunately misread it as the community may be going down or something like that, but hopefully not."

Police say a note was left at scene, but are not releasing the details at this time.

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