NTSB investigation into fatal collision

More details are emerging on the train collision that killed four in Biloxi on Tuesday. National Transportation Safety Board members briefed city officials and media outlets this afternoon as the investigation continues.
Days after a tragedy rocks the City of Biloxi, the community is still looking for answers, wondering how and why a charter bus full of senior citizens ended up stuck in the path of a train. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the bus wasn’t traveling alone, but strayed off course and ended up in the middle of a worst case scenario. Robert Sumwalt with NTSB said, “We do know that he was given directions from the tour operator, the tour arranger. Somehow the bus ended up on a divergent route.”
The route left the bus stuck in a railroad crossing with a history of train collisions and now the NTSB has their work cut out for them. Members of the board have been in Biloxi since the accident, combing over the scene, reconstructing every detail in order to determine cause and prevention so they can avoid similar tragedies in the future.
The board is currently trying to retrieve the bus’ front camera video, as well as other accessible crash data that will help them to better understand exactly what happened at the intersection of Main Street and Esters Boulevard, but the burning question is why did the bus end up there in the first place? “On Tuesday, the day of the collision, the group involved in the accident was joined by two other buses in Bay St. Louis, a Diamond Tours representative texted the driving directions to all three drivers, the accident bus driver was reportedly using an Echo Transportation provided GPS unit set for commercial vehicle use,” said Sumwalt.
The NTSB will be in Dallas next week to meet with representatives from Echo Transportation, hopefully to gain more insight into exactly what happened in Biloxi.

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