Not too late for Flu Shots

For most adults, the flu shot will run you about $30. If you go over to Polk’s Drugs in Biloxi, you can get it for free.
Polk’s Drugs on Popp’s Ferry Road is giving out free flu shots this year. It’s not too late to get yours. Earlier this week, the state health department confirmed the first flu case in Mississippi for this season. While there is some debate over flu shots, health officials stress getting immunized is not only good for you but those around you who may not have a strong immune system. Polk’s Drugs pharmacy manager Joe Flynt said, “Obviously, germs are spread more easily in the cold season. That’s why people get sick. In that time, infants and elderly people, their immune systems don’t work as efficiently as most normal adults. For that reason, the people that are around them would want to become immunized so that they don’t spread the virus.”
For information on the flu, you can visit the health department’s website at

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