Non-Traditional Family of Everson Supports Him Fully

Thursday, News 25 took a look at the makeup of Mark Everson’s non-traditional family.

Although Everson isn’t a household name yet for the majority of America, those who know him best believe he has the qualities to be a great leader of the free world. Paige Roberts, Everson’s son’s mother, says, "Mark is very qualified to be the President of the United States. He has the background and he certainly has the mind for it."

When asked what distinguishes Everson as a candidate, Roberts replies: "His compassion, because of everything he’s struggled with in his own family."

Everson’s brother has a mental illness and his sister was murdered by a serial killer. Roberts also says, "Because of those issues in his own family. He is really able to have compassion for what other people are going through."

Roberts says he’s also the type of person who focuses on others. She says, "Mark is very interested in people’s stories, very involved in life and what is somebody’s life."

Roberts says Everson’s investment in the lives of others will allow him to connect with the American people to see what issues they would like to see addressed. Roberts closes, "Everybody’s life is extraordinary in its own way and Mark recognizes that."

Everson’s family believes his realness and genuineness will take him far in his run to the Oval Office.

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