NOAA Immersion Suit Displayed at Suited to the Extreme

It’s the second week of the “Suited to the Extreme” exhibit at Infinity, which means another “Wear it Wednesday” presentation. This week’s exhibit featured the NOAA immersion suit.
In the event of a ship wreck, you only have about two minutes to get into your immersion suit and prepare for cold water. At today’s event, kids raced against the clock to see if they could make it. These extreme suits weren’t made for such small hands and feet but many of the kids suited up in record time. Lt. Josh Witmer, NOAA Officer, said, “It’s a little different under an actual emergency or drill, but they did very good and I was pleased to see they enjoyed themselves in putting it on.”
The kids of Camp Infinite didn’t just try the suit on, they also learned a little about how it works and how it saves lives. “We just want the kids to have as much fun as they want, while also learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” said Taylor Hardenstein, assistant director of Camp Infinite.
While getting to try the suit on was clearly the best part, learning just what it takes to survive in these extreme environments is what it’s all about.
Next weeks “Wear it Wednesday” presentation will feature a local racecar driver and the gear they use to stay safe at high speeds.

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