No fans at 2020 Tokyo Games

This year’s Olympic Games will be an Olympics without fans as decided by Tokyo Games organizers after a resurgent coronavirus forced Japan to declare a state of emergency in the capital that will run through the duration of the games.

On a visit to the International Broadcast Center in Tokyo, IOC President Thomas Bach says the organization is accepting the decision “with a heavy heart.”

Probably not what Reese had in mind for what she tells News 25 is her last Olympic Games, but that isn’t stopping the two-time medalist from going for gold. “I think with the COVID situation, it’ll be hard to really capitalize on everything, like really be able to go sightsee and things like that, so I think they’re going to put us in a bubble, but I can still take it all in when I’m on the field, when I’m on the runway. All six jumps I’m going to take, I’m going to go all out on all of them. But these last six jumps are going to mean something, so I will be taking full advantage of that and trying to break a world record, an American record, trying to break something to leave a legacy. I mean I’m already leaving a legacy, but I want to leave a bigger legacy. So that’ll be my goal going into this next Olympics, this last one.”

Reese is competing in the long jump in early August, having won gold in the 2012 London Games and silver in the 2016 Rio Games.

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