NMCB One Change of Command Ceremony

Naval Mobile Battalion Construction One now has a new commanding officer. First they had to give a true Seabee goodbye to the man who has led them the last two years.
During this morning’s change of command ceremony, outgoing Commander Kemit Spears handed over command to Commander Lance Flood.
Commander Spears says he is proudest of the work done by his Seabees while they were deployed in Okinawa, Guam, the Philippines and while they were at their home port in Gulfport.
Commander Spears tells News 25 he got his greatest joy from watching the Seabees under his command grow during his tenure. “Every one of them is critical and important. Every one of them has family that has trusted the Navy with them. To see them grow, to see them succeed, to see so many of these sailors have made chief, have made petty officer, have made rank, have succeeded in personal awards and battalion awards. You’re just so proud of them.”
Outgoing Commander Spears’ newest assignment will have him stationed in Norfolk, Virginia for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Atlantic.

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