Ninth Annual Historic Tour of the Greenwood Cemetery

The Greenwood Cemetery residents in Pascagoula came out for a little visit tonight.
Don’t worry, it’s wasn’t to haunt the town, it was just to give a little history lesson for this year’s ninth annual Historic Tour. Folks walked around the cemetery making five different stops to hear from former Coast legends who helped shape Pascagoula to the way it is today.
Portrayers included soldiers, yellow fever victims and even immigrants who came to Pascagoula for work back in the 1900s. Michele Lee with the hospitality committee said, “The idea is to give the adults, the children, anyone who would like to know a little bit of history of the area a taste of it, in hopes that they’re more interested they’ll go to the library.”
The Historic Tour started after Hurricane Katrina because the cemetery was one of the few locations not destroyed by the storm.

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