Nineteen more Mississippi counties added to Mask Mandate list

Nineteen counties have been added to the mask mandate list this afternoon, bringing the total to 41 out of 82 counties.

Stone County was among the coastal counties that was added to the list, joining Harrison and Jackson counties.

Governor Tate Reeves said at a press conference this afternoon, the first in at least two weeks on the coronavirus, that cases have been spreading slowly, but consistently.

However, Governor Reeves says there is more positive news regarding a vaccine, reporting that both Pfizer and Moderna both have about a 95 percent efficacy rate. “But assuming that occurs, and that they receive emergency authorization, it is possible, that in America, we could receive up to 22.5 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine by the end of December and 15 million doses of the Moderna vaccine in December. That’s 37.5 million doses before the end of this calendar year.”

Reeves believes each vaccine will be a multi-dose vaccine that will require at least two shots to be fully vaccinated and that should take place about three weeks apart.

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