NFRW Makes A Stop On Gulf Coast

Twenty three million women in the United States don’t vote, but one woman is making sure that number begins to drop drastically. National Federation of Republican Women President Carrie Almond and her bus, nicknamed Rosie, made a stop in Gulfport this morning. Since the bus hit the road in August, Almond and Rosie have visited 36 states and rallied with over 20,000 people. Almond’s message is simple, she wants women to get out and vote but even though there is a female democratic candidate, she wants voters to know this race goes beyond gender.”This election is about so much more than gender. We have to look at where our policies are going to land with our chosen candidate come November,” said Almond.
Republican voter Rosemary Slate said, “We’re half the population and we have to do it! We can’t just stay at home and think ‘oh, should I or shouldn’t I, you should get out and vote.”
After a small rally, women were able to sign their name on Rosie beside thousands who have already done so.

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