News 25 exclusive: Flight Rescue Team

It could be a life or death situation when a life flight is called to the scene. Rescue Five is the crew that is there for the Coast when someone is in need of immediate medical attention.
Soaring over Harrison County on a mission to save lives, this is the view from Rescue Five’s helicopter when the life flight crew is called to an emergency on the Coast. Rescue Five Pilot Davey Shackelford said, “Some of them could be very traumatic. We’ve seen everything from gunshots to simple breaks.”
Davey Shackelford is a pilot for Rescue Five. The helicopter flies in when someone is in need of immediate medical attention. Shackelford and his team know when there’s a life on the line every moment is critical. “We can cut drive times down in half. It takes an hour to get to Mobile by ambulance and we can get there in 25 minutes to the hospital itself.”
Based in Gulfport, Rescue Five covers Hancock County to Jackson County. On every emergency call, the crew consists of a nurse, a paramedic, and a pilot, every job equally important in giving patients the help they need. “You just got to be careful because you got power lines everywhere. You got street signs, debris, landing on Highway 90, you got sand blowing everywhere,”
Although there’s not always a rescue mission, the team has to stay ready. On average, the crew answers two calls a day. The team says because of how rural the land is here, it takes longer to get patients to a care facility, making their work even more critical for the Coast.
The pilot tells News 25 the highest he’s ever flown in Rescue Five is 6,500 feet, but depending on the flight path the crew usually stays between one thousand and two thousand feet. “I love flying. I enjoy flying the helicopter. We got a great group of people. They’re professional, highly intelligent, some of the best I’ve seen.”
Although they don’t call themselves heroes, the Rescue Five crew has helped saved numerous lives in South Mississippi with the help of first responders. “We’ll be there if they need us.”

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