New Youth Court Renovations in Biloxi

Renovations to eventually move the Harrison County Youth Courts to Biloxi are well underway.
The old health building in downtown Biloxi will soon be the location of those new youth courts. Work to make that building able to house the new courts meant creating office spaces for court workers, as well as installing a new courtroom.
Youth court officials tell News 25 moving their operations to Biloxi and near the detention center will save them over $200,000 which includes transportation costs. They say this move is only the beginning of the big plans for the youth courts. “New detentions standards passed the Legislature this year. This gives us the opportunity for us all to sit down and start in on the planning of a new detention facility right here, almost adjacent to where we stand,” said Judge Margaret Alphonso.
The youth courts are also working on finding space for eight additional offices that won’t fit into the health building.

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