New York Post sheds light on Homeless Relocation Program on the Coast

In many major cities around the country you will find people without a place to call home and officials are trying to figure out how to help.
In New York City leaders have decided to send some of the homeless population out of town. News 25’s Kristen Anzuini tells us how this program is affecting the coast.

New York City is dealing with its homeless population in an unprecedented way. Buying them a one way ticket out of town so they can live elsewhere.
According to a recent New York Post investigation, homeless people from the big apple have been relocated to 370 towns across the U.S. including in Gulfport and Gautier.
Gautier Mayor, Phil Torjusen, says he never knew about this program until a few days ago, ” I really want to understand what they are doing and how they are doing it, I mean people do go homeless, and we understand it and we get it but are you sending the worst of the crop out of your city and creating problems for other cities? We just want to understand what is going on with that?”

This expensive program is called ‘special one time assistance’ or SOTA and it uses taxpayer dollars to give people without homes a years-worth of rent to leave New York City and go to places like the Mississippi gulf coast.

“What is the administrative follow up on this?” asked Mayor Torjusen, “After one year supposedly that is what they are giving them for one years rent, but what happens after a year? What if these people aren’t productive?”

The mayor of Gautier says during the last city council meeting, they passed an ordinance to authorize the cities attorney to contact New York officials and ask that Gautier be taken off the relocation list until they learn more about the program. “There is a lot of unanswered questions and we want some answers before we just start shipping people into our city. We’re not gonna turn into a sanctuary city,” says Torjusen.

Roy Lilley, a Gulfport resident says he is shocked to hear of this program, “They should find other ways to solve their own problems, just like we do here in Mississippi.”

As of now, the New York Post map shows that Gulfport and Gautier each have one New York City homeless person from the SOTA program.

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