New Year’s Resolutions on the Coast

The New Year’s tradition of setting goals for the year to come is not limited to resolutions about getting fit or losing weight.

The time-honored custom of making New Year’s resolutions allows people to refocus their energy on self-improvement, beginning on the first of January each year.

Resolutions can range from wanting to learn a new language to reading a book every month to making sure to pay one’s car insurance on time.

Although New Year’s resolutions historically have religious roots dating all the way back to the ancient Babylonians, according to The tradition is mostly a secular one that many people partake in including these Edgewater Mall shoppers. Long Beach resident Amanda Rudder said, “To finish high school. To graduate, with straight A’s.”

Newton resident Joseph Magee said, “Well for 2021 my goals is to do something different– to grow successful. To be able to be more successful and give God a little bit more of my time, you know, a little bit more of my time. Pray that this– whatever’s going on in the world that it gets better. I pray that it gets better. And for my children to get more successful in school. That’s my New Year resolution.”

Ocean Springs resident Gavin Hartley said, “Well, being a 19-year-old, I think it’s one of man’s jobs to look cool out in public, so I’m going to try and get my motorcycle license and cruise around downtown.”

Coast resident Meliayh Evans said, “I make A’s and B’s in school, so about all A’s. I want to go to the Olympics. I want the COVID to go away. I want to make a goal like that.”

Slidell resident Logan Holley said, “To stop spending money even though I’m at a mall right now.”

Coast residents also reflected on 2020 and how it went for them. “It was pretty good. Met new people, but it kinda sucked because of corona, but it is what it is.”

“Overall, it was pretty good. I had some good people in my life that made it better.”

With a year unlike any other now in the rearview mirror, Gulf Coast community members are looking forward to the possibilities 2021 could bring. “Umm… just to be happy.”

“Just a fresh start of a New Year. Happiness.”

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