New Year’s Pet Safety

While the upcoming New Year’s Holiday is a time for celebration, it can also be a scary time for your pet.

The Humane Society of South Mississippi says to make sure all pets are secured either inside or in a fenced in yard on New Year’s Eve as fireworks can scare them and give them a tendency to run.

If you keep your pet inside, you can try turning up the volume on your TV to block out some of the louder firework noises.

Also, make sure that your pet’s tags and microchips are also up to date for easy identification in case they do get loose. Courtney Black with the Humane Society of South Mississippi said, “Just remember that they are out there, they do not like the fireworks as much as we do. Even though, hey, it never seemed to bother them before, if the loud noise is a little bit closer than it was last year, then that could be the difference of your dog going over the fence.”

If your pet does go missing over the New Year’s holiday you can always call or visit the Humane Society and other local shelters to see if they have been recovered.

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