New Year’s Eve Checkpoints

Biloxi police are cracking down on intoxicated drivers this New Year’s Eve.

Checkpoints will be set up throughout the city the night of New Year’s Eve and this weekend leading up to it. Biloxi PD will not only check to make sure people are driving sober, but also for valid driver’s license and insurance.

Police advise you to have a plan before you get behind the wheel. Having a designated driver is always a safe bet.

News 25 spoke with Major Chris De Back about these checkpoints and he says they are to ensure everyone’s safety. “You know this is New Year’s Eve weekend or New Year’s Weekend. We want everyone out there to have a great time, but be responsible about it. You know, whether it’s have a designated driver, stay at home, just think about your plans ahead of time and have a good plan.”

Taxi services such as Lyft and Uber are alternatives to having a designated driver. Police say to make sure you are making a conscious decision for your and everyone else’s safety on the roads.

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