New year, new lifestyle

Some of the most common new year’s resolutions are to focus on diet, exercise, or weight loss.

A gym membership might be able to help those that are being health conscious this new year. While there are multiple gyms to choose from finding one that you feel comfortable in might help you stick with your resolution.

At Bayou View Fitness they pride themselves in being a facility that is open 24 hours and their ability to give members a private gym atmosphere.

Bayou View owner Nick Gaspard shares with News 25 another common mistake that members make that could ruin a resolution and that’s not easing yourself into physical fitness. “They try to do everything all at once and crash diet. I’m going to work out twice a day six days a week. Start building towards slowly because you go too hard and get sore, you’re not going to come back. You’re going to get burned out. So, start on a realistic pace and build on that slowly.”

For the 2021 new year’s resolution makers Bayou View Fitness is offering a special so check out their website.

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