New Walmart Neighborhood Market Opens in St. Martin

Wednesday was the day many St. Martin residents were waiting for.
A Walmart Neighborhood Market opened its doors for the first time in their area.
The store opened at 10, but it didn’t take long for eager customers to grab a cart and hit aisles shopping.
The store, located on Washington Avenue, is equipped with a gas station, pharmacy, fresh produce section and even a custom pizza place where you can call in your order to pick up later.
Even with all the new options, residents are simply happy to have a grocery store nearby. St. Martin resident Barbara Kilpatrick said, “We were just talking about it. We got to get used to everything in here, but we love it. It’s a beautiful store.”

St. Martin resident Connie Fountain said, “Yes, that’s what I was telling them, you know I love going over to D’Iberville, but I’m paying Jackson County taxes so this is in Jackson County.”

Store Manager Angillette Williams said, “We’re excited to bring the convenience to the St. Martin area. And my associates are very excited. They’re all ready with smiles to be able to help our customers.”

Unlike some neighborhood markets across the Coast, this St. Martin location will be open 24/7.

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