New Voting System Coming to Harrison County

New voting machines and software that will help Harrison County voters are on the way.
This morning, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors accepted a proposal from Harrison County Circuit Clerk Connie Ladner for new voting equipment.
The upgraded equipment will cost the county a little over $462,000. The new express vote system and new machines will help ease and expedite the process for voters as well as make it easier on voting precinct workers when counting votes.
They will also make it better known if a voter accidentally misses a vote. “A lot of time you go vote, you have a two-sided ballot. Even though the ballot is marked ‘turn ballot over to continue voting’ some people miss that and we don’t want that to happen. We want everybody, every candidate is important that if they’re on the back of the ballot or the front of the ballot that the voter has the opportunity to vote for that person,” said Ladner.
Ladner went on to tell News 25 it depends on when they can get the equipment, but they hope to begin using it for the upcoming November election.

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