New Voter Technology

Technology that will make voting quicker and easier for voters and poll workers has arrived to Jackson County. One hundred and twenty five Toshiba tablets for about $1,000 a piece recently dropped in the hands of members of the Jackson County Election Commission. The old school paper sign-in sheets are out and tablets with a stylus are in. Today, Jackson County Election Commissioner Danny Glaskox will be spending the day teaching his poll workers how to use the new system. A system that will save the county money down the line.
Glaskox said, “In the past we’ve sent out many people that we don’t need because not only does this poll book look you up, it also codes the card for you. In the past we’ve had as many as 62 different ballot styles and there were a lot of chances for human error by coding you the wrong ballot. These will make sure you get the correct ballot by coding you the correct address.”
Also gone are the days for separate tables for Democrats and Republicans for primary elections. The new tablets combine both into one system.

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