New veteran care facility announced

This morning, Stacey Pickering, director of the Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board, made a big announcement regarding long term care for veterans.

He announced a new care facility for veterans that will be located at Tradition. According to Pickering, there are over 190,000 veterans in the state of Mississippi with over 25 percent of those being here on the Gulf Coast. The closest veteran’s home is in Collins, Mississippi which is about an hour and a half away.

The new facility will have a hundred beds, skilled nursing, and will allow veterans who live in the area to seek care, but also continue their lives on the Coast. “Our veterans in our homes, while they require skilled nursing care, are still very active with field trips and getting out and visiting and attending events in the neighborhood. We want them to be able to do that where they have lived and it makes a lot more sense and a higher quality of life for them better long term prognosis plus it is an opportunity to bring the services to where our veterans live.”

More details on the facility will come out later this year.

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